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AZ Real Estate License Frequently Asked Questions
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For our students' convenience, we have organized our frequently asked questions into two sections:
Online License Renewal / Continuing Education
Questions related to our Arizona real estate online continuing education classes and license renewal procedures are located in this section.
On-Site Classes and Real Estate Licensing
Questions related to obtaining an Arizona real estate license, AZ real estate broker license, or classes held at our Mesa facility are located in this section.
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Online License Renewal / Continuing Education - ( Expand All | Collapse All | More Information )
  1. Do you offer all of ADRE's required classes for renewing my license?
    Absolutely! If you select a real estate sales or real estate broker renewal package you can rest assured that it meets all of Arizona Department of Real Estate's course requirements. We have made sure all of the categories have been covered in each full package. However, if you have some credit hours already under your belt, you can complete your renewal with us by simply selecting individual classes that you still need.
  2. What if I have to stop and come back in the middle of a class?
    No problem. Our license renewal system allows you to stop at any time (in the middle of a class or exam) and come back right where you left off if you are using the same computer. You just log in and the computer remembers where you left off. No rushing through any more online continuing education classes. Take it and finish it when you want!
  3. How am I going to get all the certificates to prove to ADRE I took the courses?
    It is extremely simple. All you need to do is print them out. After you have passed our class exam, it will prompt you to print out the course completion certificate after each class you finish. Also, if you happen to lose your certificate you can log back in and print it out again at any time. No more calling schools and having them track down old classes or paying a duplicate certificate fee.
  4. Why should I take online renewal classes instead of sitting in a classroom?
    Convenience is the answer. Today's real estate agent has a hectic schedule and finding 24 hours of free time with a full personal and professional life can often be very difficult. RELC's online real estate license renewal program allows you to finish all 24 hours in the convenience of your home and on your terms. You can complete some or all of each class when you have the free time, not on someone's else's schedule.
  5. Can I complete all my online renewal courses in one day?
    Per ADRE statutes, a student can complete up to 9 credit hours in one day. That means 3 classes per 24 hour period. If you are trying to finish ASAP, you can complete all 24 hours of continuing education in as little as three days.
  6. Are the exams very difficult to pass and what happens if I fail?
    The exams are designed to simply make sure you read through all the material. Therefore the questions are not tricky. Plus you can repeat any course or go back to specific slides if there are some topics you are confused on. Our unique program allows you to print out the whole course as well in case you want to refer to it as your notes. You can also repeat any exam you fail ensuring success.
  7. What do I have to have on my computer to run your online classes?
    The requirements are actually quite basic. They are: internet connection, web browser, flash player 6 or higher (downloadable for free) and audio capabilities (preferred not required though). For students with older computers, installing the latest version of Flash can help avoid pauses in the display of course visual aids and/or audio. The latest version of Flash is free, more secure, and adds additional functionality when viewing web sites.
  8. If I am not skilled on computers, can I still take these online renewal classes?
    Definitely. The system walks you through each process step by step from registering for classes to printing out your certificates. RELC's online real estate license renewal classes are simple to use and self explanatory.
  9. How do classes resume where I left off?
    Classes taken on the same computer will resume right where you left off automatically as long as you have not manually changed any default cookie/flash settings in your browser. If you have at some point changed these settings, or installed software that changed them for you (i.e. a couple anti-virus programs), the automatic class resuming feature might not work. If this is the case, the below settings can help restore this functionality to your web browser and flash player.

    If the above settings do not fix things for you, or you would rather just not deal with changing settings, a good workaround is to simply install the Google Chrome browser since it works on all operating systems, comes with supported default settings, and already has the Flash player integrated - you can always easily uninstall it after you have completed your classes.
  10. Can I take classes using my tablet?
    As noted in the system requirements, our classes require the Adobe Flash Player in order to interact with the class content. By default, popular tablet solutions such as iPad and Android-based tablets do not support Adobe Flash Player. However, students have found workarounds to enable taking classes using these mobile operating systems, and therefore we can share with you what other students have done to take the classes on tablets below (works on phones as well - but of course the classes will be very small). If you want to verify your tablet device is capable of properly handling class content prior purchasing classes, you can load the class demo.

    • iPad
      You can install Puffin Free Version in the app store. This will install a browser with flash support on your iPad. Once installed, you can launch Puffin and go to our web site just like using the normal iPad browser. The main difference is that when you launch a class, it works! At the time of this writing, the free version is limited to viewing classes between 8AM to 4PM. The paid version does not have this restriction.

    • Android
      Unlike iPad, Android did have Adobe Flash support; however, Adobe discontinued support for Flash on the Android platform (greatly complicating matters). So first, it is possible that your tablet already has Adobe Flash installed. One way to find out if it is already installed is to go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded - another way is to login to our site from your Android tablet and see if the classes run correctly - if they do, Flash is installed and everything should work fine. It should be noted at this point that not all browsers on Android even support the Adobe Flash plugin - but 2 that do are the default Browser that comes with Android which will be labelled "Browser" in the app drawer and Firefox.

      If you do not have Adobe Flash installed and want to take the classes on your Android device, then you need to install Flash - if you are somewhat technically challenged this may not be a very good option for you - you should really just take the classes using a normal computer since the below installation process requires a certain level of technical proficiency (i.e. not for you if you ever had to ask your kid for technical support of any kind). For those who wish to install Flash, please note the following: Adobe dropped support for Flash on Android which means there are no updates... at all, which means there can be security problems or the install may not work at all on a yet-to-be-released version of Android (therefore, please pay attention below regarding security). Also, the below instructions pertain to stock Android 4.2 as built by Google; if you are using a different version of Android and/or your device manufacturer has modified stock Android (i.e. Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. frequently do on some of their devices) then the screenshots below may look different on your system and/or the precise location of menu options may be different.

      • First, you have to enable what is commonly referred to as "side-loading" apps. To do this, go to Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources.
      • After enabling side-loaded apps, using your Android device's browser, go here and download the Adobe Flash plugin appropriate for your version of Android.
      • After downloading the appropriate file in the above step, run that file (the file download is an APK file) from your downloads (hint: after the download is complete, it should notify you in the notification drawer - simply pull down the notification drawer and tap the download notification)
      • Choose to install Adobe Flash Player at the install prompt
      • Now that Flash is installed, we HIGHLY recommend for security purposes to configure plugins to only load "on demand". To do this using the stock Android browser, open Browser > Settings > Advanced > Enable plug-ins > On demand
      • If you enabled "on demand" plugin loading as instructed above, please note that upon loading a class, it will by default present a blank rectangle which you must tap again to activate the plugin content.
      • Finally, once you complete taking the classes, for security purposes, you should uninstall Adobe Flash Player due to Adobe no longer supporting Android. To do this go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded > Adobe Flash Player > Uninstall

On-Site Classes and Real Estate Licensing - ( Expand All | Collapse All | More Information )
  1. What are the requirements to get an Arizona real estate license?
    The requirements to take our 90 hour sales program are very minimal. The only rule is that you must be 18 years old to attain a real estate license and have a valid social security or tax id number. If you have a felony, you need to contact the AZ Department of Real Estate to discuss possible license denial. Arizona residency and a high school education are not required. Our program is a beginner's course and takes you from start to finish! For the 90 hour brokers program, all the above requirements must be met in addition to having an active Arizona sales license for 3 out of the last 5 years or get permission from ADRE if out of state.
  2. Can I do my licensing classes online or by correspondence?
    Unfortunately, because of Arizona law, students are not allowed to take any licensing program online or by correspondence. According to the Az Department of Real Estate, all licensing education must be in classroom hours. RELC understands that most people have other commitments and hectic lifestyles and that is why we offer one of the most flexible schedules in town. You can even set your own schedule and come and go as you please. We want education to be fun and exciting, not a chore.
  3. What do I need to know or bring to sign up for real estate licensing classes?
    The best thing about our course is that you do not need to have any background or knowledge of real estate to take our course. We will walk you through every step of the way until you completely understand the material. When you come in for your first day of class, all you will need is a pencil and a calculator and we will provide everything else.
  4. Do you accept payments for the tuition?
    RELC collects the full tuition on or before the first day of class because the product is education and knowledge based.
  5. How do I register?
    The registration process is very simple. There are two different ways you can register for classes which guarantee your seat in any licensing program. You can register by walking in from 9am-6pm Monday - Thursday or Friday 9-4:30pm or perhaps the most convenient is to register online anytime of the day 7 days a week. You can even register and start the same day... just come on in!
  6. When can I begin licensing classes?
    With RELC as your choice for quality education, you can' t go wrong. We have 18 required sessions which are all independent topics. However there is no order to them, therefore, you can jump into the ongoing rotation at anytime we offer classes. No start dates means no wait time.
  7. When do I need to complete my education and school exam?
    RELC gives sales and broker students six months from the date you come in and fill out a registration card to complete the course and school exam. We feel the material will be fresh in your minds if you finish within a maximum of 6 months. If students go over their time limit, an extension fee is required to continue enrollment at our school for another 6 months. However, keep in mind, there is no time limit on taking the state exam.
  8. Do you have a job placement program?
    Absolutely. RELC's primary goal is to provide quality education, however, our service does not stop there. We care about your success in the field of real estate not just passing the state exam. Once you register, you can participate in our job placement program. This program allows our partnered brokers who also have excellent training programs to contact you and explain what they have to offer. Periodically, we also have our partnered brokers come in for a presentation before or after class so it is convenient for most students to attend. These presentations and the broker placement program are entirely voluntary but will be quite beneficial for a student who is unsure which real estate brokerage to work for.
  9. Once I sign up, what's the procedure to get the license?
    RELC feels that knowing what to expect is a big part of passing the exam and being successful in real estate. Unique to our school, our testing strategies session, which is part of our 18 required sessions, goes over the process for taking the state exam and getting the license.
    First, you will need to complete all 90 hours of education which consists of 18 individual classes. Second, you will need to pass 1 of our school exams with an 75% or above to attain a school certificate. You can now take the state exam and will need a 75% or above for a passing score. Then you are ready to apply for the license and start selling and buying real estate!
    For a broker's license, our 90 hour licensing program is required in addition to passing one of our school exams with an 80% or above. Each exam consists of a national and arizona portion and then you can move on the state exam and get the license.
  10. How often do you administer your school exam?
    We try to make it as convenient as possible for all students. RELC tests five days a week M-F. If you fail an exam, you must wait one day before retesting in order to study and better prepare yourself. This helps in attaining a higher score on your next exam.
  11. How often is the state exam administered?
    The state exam is offered quite frequently .... Five days a week at the Phoenix locations T-Sat.
  12. How much will I owe in state fees after I finish your course?
    There are minimal fees paid to the state in order to obtain a real estate sales license. The state exam costs $75 ($125 for brokers) which is paid to the testing facility, the real estate sales license costs $60 ($145 for brokers) which is paid to ADRE and the fingerprint clearance card is $67. Keep in mind, after only one sale or purchase of real estate, your commission will reimburse all fees paid from start to finish and still leave some left over for profit!
  13. Can I pass the state exam and get the real estate license the same day?
    Absolutely. If you pass both sections of the state exam, National and Arizona , and if you can get to ADRE at least 15 minutes before 5pm Monday through Friday you can do both in the same day.
  14. Where is the state exam testing facility?
    The testing facilities are in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma.
  15. Where is the AZ Department of Real Estate?
    On the northwest corner of 44th Street and Thomas: 2910 N. 44 th St.
  16. Will I need to take anything else other than your 90 hour prelicensing course to get my real estate license?
    Yes, the AZ Dept. of Real Estate requires that all sales licensees know how to write a purchase contract before you attain a real estate license, which is essentially a wise idea! The Intro to Contract Writing course is a 6 hour course offered several times a month, which can be taken during your 90 hour program or after. Students will also need to get their fingerprints done because ADRE requires a background check. Both of these are offered at the school for a total package deal of $55 and are required by ADRE to obtain the license. You may sit for the state exam before taking these if you prefer. For brokers, a 3 hour broker management clinic is required and offered online for approximately $20 by RELC. ADRE also requires fingerprints to be done ($20) which we can do for you as well.
  17. Can I sign up for the state exam before I take or finish your course?
    RELC wants to make sure that you definitely understand the material before you sign up for the state exam since it is very difficult to get a refund. We do not want any students to waste their money. Therefore, you must pass our exams and receive your school certificate before you sign up.
  18. Are brokers still hiring new agents for part and full time?
    Absolutely. Brokers are definitely looking for new agents in both part time and full time capacities. Several of the firms are continually hiring because of the Phoenix market demand.
  19. How long will it take me to complete your sales licensing course?
    It completely depends on your schedule. You have several options to pick from and can choose the one that works best for you. We have a 9 day, 4 ½ week or a flexible schedule where you can come and go as you please up to 6 months.
  20. What areas can I work in, if I get my real estate license?
    The possibilities are endless. A real estate license can open the door to several different successful endeavors. Some areas to work in include: Timeshare, property management, new home sales, residential or commercial resale.


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